Letter from Transportation Minister Israel Katz to Beit Shemesh City Councilor Shalom Edri:
During my five year tenure as transportation minister, I have raised the issue of upgrading to Highway #38 many times.
Shalom Edri, Likud faction chairman, is in constant contact withgovernment ministers and Likud members of Knesset to promote issues related to Beit Shemesh.
This past Monday, Edri posted on his Facebook page, the official letter sent to him from Israel Katz, Minister of Transportation,detailing the upgrade to Highway #38

The letter states that the government is currently in the process of approving a contractor for the work and is expected to issue the "start of work" order in March 2014.

Many residents of Beit Shemesh and Mate Yehuda have been crying out for years that the road desperately needs an upgrade.
In its current state it has become a nightmare to get in and out of town during the morning and afternoon rush hours.
Beit Shemesh has developed tremendously in recent years both from a demographic and population point of view.
However in terms of services, it still relies heavily on the existing Highway #38.
A massive upgrade to Highway #38, will improve the quality of life for both residents and visitors.
Keti Sheetrit, a resident of Beit Shemesh, serves as the chief of staff for the Minister of Transportation, and helps to promote projects related to the city and region.
article translated by Ephrayim Naiman