A large Purim celebration took place at the Beit Shemesh  branch of the Israeli Cancer Association (Aguda l'Milhma b'Sartan). Many took part in the celebrations, and all voluntary with nothing offered in return.
Opening of the Celebrations:

On Monday, March 3, 2014, there was a workshop for Purim held in the local offices of the Israeli Cancer Association in which participants prepared masks and mishloach manot baskets.

Continuing to be Happy

On Sunday, March 9, 2014, the local branch had a party at the club for the blind. The opening speech was given by Rav Nissim Bariach, who detailed and explained the significance of the Purim holiday.

Come Create Happiness

Medical Clown Zvika Zisk gave a performance completely voluntary, and made everyone laugh and so happy it brought them to tears.


Refreshments served had been generously donated by the Nesher factory, and mishloach manot packages were donated and collected from around Bet Shemesh and were prepared by the children of the gans and school of Bronco Weiss. Mishloach manot packages were distributed among the sick.

Many Thanks

As well, this is the time to thank Rena Berkovitz for her work for the organization, who after 50 years of voluntary work has resigned form her position as Director of the local branch. Naomi Sampson, resident of Srigim, will be replacing her.
Thank you to all the donors, the volunteers and everyone who made an effort towards the success of the happy evening.